F1to Fanasee League

To enter is very simple. Just choose a combination of car, engine and any two drivers from the table below and form them into your team, which you can call whatever you wish.

Da Rulez:

  1. Points will be awarded to your team based on your selection's R/L points gained in some other, less important, event. An additional bonus point will also be awarded if either of your drivers take pole position or fastest lap of the race.
  2. You can select any combination of two drivers, one car and one engine, but if you choose, say Ferrari Car and Ferrari Engine, you will only get the points of the highest scoring one, not for both. Your two drivers may be chosen from either column although they ideally should not come from a R/L team that also has either your car or engine. If they do, you will only score points of the highest scoring one.

    Please post entries in the form:

    Team Name

    Or just complete the form below.

    Your entry will be subject to scrutineering by our impartial Stewards to ensure that your team complies with the current rules

  3. Your entry will be carried over to the next race so there is no need to enter for each race. However, if you do wish to change your team, you can do so at anytime subject to Rule 4.
  4. Entries will only be accepted if they are placed during Paddock opening times. The Paddock is usually open from the Thursday immediately prior to the R/L race weekend until the end of final qualifying. Entries will be not be accepted at any other time during the season unless the Stewards advise otherwise.
  5. Fantasy results will be posted sometime after the end of the other less important, event.
  6. All are welcome to enter.
  7. Er, can't think of any more, but I reserve the right to make up any as I go along.

B Ecclescake - Race Director

CaterhamRenaultPicvan de Garde
Red BullRenaultWebberVettel
Toro RossoFerrariRicciardoVergne
SauberFerrariGutierrez Hulkenberg
Force IndiaMercedesdi RestaSutil

Entry Form:
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